The sport of professional kickboxing is being revived and reimagined by a legendary team of combat sports veterans and entrepreneurs. These leaders are the same ones that helped Professional Kickboxing reach historic heights 40 years ago. Welcome to the newest professional fighting league from PKA Worldwide – the all-new Professional Kickboxing Association! Every year tens of millions of people around the world sign up for martial arts lesson at their local gym, school, or dojo. The PKA’s new format of professional kickboxing is the natural evolution of the karate tournaments that millions of martial artists compete in.


Joe Corley


Robert Gutkowski

Vice Chairman, President, Broadcast Division

Jeff Smith

Co-President, Sports Operations

James Thomas II

Co-President, Business Affairs

Rick Roufus

Global Director of Fighter Development

Bill Wallace

PKA International Ambassador

Daisy Lang

Global Ambassador, Women Fighters

Christopher Just

Chief Creative Officer

Don Willis

Director of PKA Associated Schools

Dan Stell

Director of Officials Training and Certification

Joe Villijoen

Director, PKA Africa

Carlos Silva

Director, PKA South America

Jamie Cashlon

Event Coordination Director